Remote Team

KAP RPS has assembled the industry’s best team of planners and schedulers. Housed at our La Porte office in the southeast Houston area provides a productive environment far removed from the disruptions and distractions regularly experienced in the field. Your planning effort will be closely overseen by our seasoned management team, averaging over 20 years of project controls experience, over 10 of which have been with KAP.

Onsite Team

This team will gather the documentation and information needed to build the work packages, field verify critical data, and review the job plans for constructability and site interferences.

Progress Monitoring

Continuously monitor progress in real-time and perform quality checks as desired by utilizing our proprietary software (or the similar planning software of your choice). STOplanner’s productivity-enhancing tools enforce consistency and adherence to the planning premise while providing visibility and complete transparency into the planning effort to the STO team.